Need abandoned or unauthorized vehicles towed from your private property? We have the tow trucks and experience to safely tow unwanted autos from your property or parking lot. In Auburn, Fitz Towing specializes in quick auto removal to ensure the accessibility and safety of your business.

Parking Enforcement

Are you a Business, Property Owner, Government Agency or someone having trouble with unwanted vehicles on their property?  Do you need a way to promote only authorized parking? Rely on Fitz Towing for an effective solution to your parking enforcement problem. We have hundreds of public and private entities using the famous Fitz Towing, “authorized parking only signs”, to keep unwanted vehicles at bay. Contact us when you need private property towing and parking enforcement signs in the Auburn area.

Tow Away Zone

Fitz Towing understands how uncomfortable and inconvenient it is to have vehicles parked illegally on your private property. If you are a commercial manager or residential owner with vehicles illegally parked, don’t worry; leave that to us. We offer hassle free towing service with no cost to you or your company. Just give us a call by an authorized agent of the property, and we will tow away unauthorized vehicles.

tow-zoneBenefits of using Fitz Towing:

  • Our service is 100% insured and at no cost to you.
  • Located in your neighborhood.
  • Fair pricing regulated by the County.
  • Reliable 24/7 Service.
  • Parking enforcement signs provided at no cost to you.


Fitz Towing of Auburn is well known for providing safe, reliable towing services at affordable rates in the Pierce and King County area. We can usually tow your vehicle upon arrival in the Auburn area within 30 minutes.