Choosing the right company in the greater Auburn area for heavy duty towing can be difficult. You must choose someone who transports heavy equipment and vehicles of all shapes and sizes. That’s why Fitz Towing maintains a versatile fleet of transportation equipment to handle any towing or relocation challenge that comes our way. With a large and diverse fleet of towing equipment including flatbeds, lowboys and heavy duty tow trucks, we’ll always be able to match your need with the ideal piece of transportation equipment.

When transporting heavy equipment, buses, box trucks, or semi-trailers, the experience and skill of the operators makes a huge difference in a successful move. Our heavy duty towing personnel are more than just drivers; they’re specialists who are intensively trained in the proper technical, safety, and regulatory procedures to ensure your asset is towed correctly.

The next time you need heavy duty towing in the Auburn area, rely on Fitz Towing. We can move your piece of oversize or heavy freight, and provide you with the right equipment and manpower you need, at the right time and in the right place.


Fitz Towing of Auburn is well known for providing safe, reliable towing services at affordable rates in the Pierce and King County area. We can usually tow your vehicle upon arrival in the Auburn area within 30 minutes.